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Exploring you

Exploring you | A Guide for Readers

Tittel: Exploring you



Welcome to Exploring You! A guide to human diversity. 

This book takes you and your child on a tour of the diversity of identities that exist not only in the world, but also in ourselves. As you navigate the pages, take time to find the diversity within the text and illustrations and help children start to understand the ways that they identify.  

It can be helpful to explain what identities are: “Identities are the things that make you, you. For example, you have an age, a gender, a race, a homeland, and more. Those are your identities, and this book will help you understand them better.”

As you read the book, you could ask children on each page:

“Is there anyone like you on this page?”

“How do you identify?”

“Do you know children like the ones on this page?”

“Do you know children with identities similar to yours? Different?”

“What do you think about this identity?”


After reading the book, you might engage in more complex discussions:

“What are your identities? Age? Disabilities? Religion? Race? Ethnicity? Gender? Where were you born? Other identities?”

“What are your favorite identities?”

“What identities bring you strength? Make you feel special?”

“Have any of your identities made things harder?”

“Have you noticed people being treated better or worse because of their identity? How does that make you feel?”


Identity related topics such as Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Religion are constantly being discussed in today’s society. Increasingly scholars are encouraged to grapple with and discuss topics like privilege and marginalization across differences. However, there are too few resources to help parents/teachers/ therapists begin to introduce and explore these topics with children. Dr. Lauren Wadsworth & Dr. Marcus Rodriguez hope to address this gap through the book What Makes You, You?

As clinical psychologists with specialized training and expertise in issues of diversity, developmental psychology and mental health, Dr. Lauren Wadsworth & Dr. Marcus Rodriguez are uniquely qualified to write on the topic of identities, and their complex relationships with them. This book is designed to be an introduction for children about the many identities we each hold, along with a brief nod to the existence of privilege and marginalization in society. The book is designed to allow children to find themselves in each page and hope it will be a validating and empowering book for children (and the adults reading the book) who hold marginalized identities.

Thank you for exploring identities with us!


Download AI Sheet: Download here

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