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After receiving the tips taken from the expert’s outcomes research, the Highly skilled Illustrators and top talent writers will be engaged in the project in case of producing children’s books.

Ghazaleh Bigdelou was born in 1980 Tehran Iran, where she obtained a degree in painting at the art University. She is interested in illustration and has published various books. Some of her books entitled white ribbon, the joke, in the moonlight, thousandth wedding… were selected in different biennial illustrators for children.  She illustrates books for children and is sometimes also the author of the texts.

  • Chosen for the catalog of Illustration children book in Belgrade 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013
  • Winner of  The International Golden Pen Award in 2009 in Belgrade
  • Chosen for the catalog of Teatrio, Italy 2007
  • Chosen for the catalog of Cj 3rd picture book festival 2010
  • Chosen for the Tapirulan festival at Italy 2013
Shima zarei was born in December 1989 in Iran. She chose art at High School and continued her studies in Master of Arts (MA) In 2017. She realized she belongs to the children’s world, therefore, she entered the field of children’s literature and illustrates many books focused on world peace and tolerance culture for different countries including Norway, Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, England, and Kuwait. She has taken training courses in children’s literature and child psychology. Her dream is to be the author of her books in the near future.

Shima wishes all the precious children of the world a heart filled to the brim with happiness and love through her writing and illustrations.

Shima is unique in her artworks due to the figures in her amusing illustrations are posted in unexpected ways which figures reflected a mixture of cultures, all viewers would find something familiar to their own background, a western item mixed with something more distant, somewhere like in the east. Her artworks capture a new impact of multiculturalism on art.

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