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Zohreh (Rose) Mehravipour

Chief Executive Officer of Voodoolily Publishing Company in Norway, 2019- present

My work is increasingly situated at the interface of politics, sociology, psychology, and history with a focus on Integration, Radicalization, and immigration. During my short career in higher education, I have gained extensive experience in module development across a wide spectrum of social psychology. I received B.A., M.A., degrees in sociology. 

I successfully defended my Master’s thesis, “An Investigation of the influence on the formation of children’s stories with a focus on the socialization of 5 to 6 years old in Isfahan” in 2014.

I am also the member of the “Association for Iranian Studies which is a private, not-for-profit, non-political organization of persons interested in Iranian Studies in the broadest sense,” and the member of the “Iranian Association of Sociologists”

I have written and published many books for children and currently I set up a publishing house in Norway with a specific and very unique vision.

I got an opportunity to work with Doctor David Lackland Sam at the university of Bergen Norway, on the Ph.D. proposal for about the last two years which gave me a new path into my life, although not yet done. Because I got to a decision that the best way to apply the research findings and scientists’ products in our societies in case of peacebuilding is to take parents attention to the current social issue “Home Grown Jihadist” by children’s stories and contribute their own children to prevent such issue in near future.

So, in consultation with them, I came to the conclusion that it is best to register a child’s publication, inspired by the findings of the experts’ studies. 

We produce a book for children and tolerance culture, appreciation, respect to differences is our mission. Our products are unique, because of three reasons, first and for the most our subjects that are recommended by UNICEF also well professional illustrators, written by well-known professional experts.


Academic papers

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Endless Smoking; Test of Terror Management Theory and Risk Perceptions on Smoking Behavior

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Test of Terror Management Theory and Risk Perceptions on Smoking Behavior …

Overview of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which Muslim make up more

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Investigating the Effect of the Content of Children’s Stories on Their Socialization (Case Study: 5-6 Years-Old Children in Isfahan)

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Endless Terror? Hidden Function of the Culture on Terror

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