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After receiving the tips taken from the expert’s outcomes research, the Highly skilled Illustrators and top talent writers will be engaged in the project in case of producing children’s books.

Hey, I’m dyslexic and still reading, writing and researching, yes! My work is increasingly situated at the interface of politics, sociology, psychology, and history with a focus on Intelligence, Radicalization, and fundamentalism. During my short career in higher education, I have gained extensive experience in module development across a wide spectrum of social psychology. I received B.A., M.A., degrees in sociology. I successfully defended my Master’s thesis, “An Investigation of the influence on the formation of children’s stories with a focus on the socialization of 5 to 6 years old in Isfahan in 2014. I am also the member of the “Association for Iranian Studies which is a private, not-for-profit, non-political organization of persons interested in Iranian Studies in the broadest sense and the member of the “Iranian Association of Sociologists. I got an opportunity to work with Doctor David on the Ph.D. proposal for about the last two years which gave me a new path into my life, although not yet done. Because I got to a decision that the best way to apply the research findings and scientists; products in our societies in case of peacebuilding is to take parents attention to the current social issue “Home Grown Jihadist” by children’s stories and contribute their own children to prevent such issue in near future.
So in consultation with them, I came to the conclusion that it is best to register a child’s publication, inspired by the findings of the experts’ studies. Twenty years ago, while I was waiting for the birth of my first child, my first children’s story was published. And so far, I am writing for children and also doing research in terror-prone areas to a better understanding of Peace and Radicalization.

Selected Stories:

The lonely pencil
Clever rabbit and mother magpie
Little Dragon
The day the moon was thin
When I became a star

Fatemeh (Alise) Amiratashani is a very talented and versatile writer, proficient in writing short stories for children. After receiving her Bachelor in Amirkabir College of Management and Technology (ACMT) 2009, she received some children Literature courses to enhance her writing skills. Her first series of children’s book published with PanjGah Publishing company held in Tehran, Iran and since now she keeps writing for children and youth. She is most talented at sketching a very strong character at her tales which is a quick remembering. In her tales, the physical characteristics are quite understanding and most fitted to the story plot. Alice is eager to explore the in-depth psychology of her written subjects. She is used to giving the physical details of the main character to the illustrator which are representations of the characters’ internal state. Without that the story plot would be lost. In the case of producing character history and feeling while this may be tempting, she is used to focus on what her subject is feeling within the context of the story which states emotionally or psychologically of their characters.


Selected Books:

The new life

The new letter

Tonight, I see it

The Miracle of sharing

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Information. With over a decade of writing obituaries for the local paper and publishers, zahra now has a uniquely extraordinary voice that shines through in her piece of works. She has novelty in creating characters as well as event. By taking professional trained now she has the palpable spark in her stories and novels which will be coming in her new stories with us. We wish her the best of luck.

Selected Stories and novels

  • The teenage novel “Madam Kholcheh Garden Head”, East Side Publications, Giraffe Books, On Progress
  • The novel “Lying in the Sleep Hours”, Phoenix Publishing House, Hayla Publishing, 2018
  • Novel “Screw”, Cheshme Publishing House, 2017
  • The novel “Lying in the Sleep Hours”, Phoenix Publishing House, Hayla Publishing, 2018
  • Teenage novel “Fasten the Devil”, Scientific publication of Culture, 2017
  • The teenage novel “Detective game of a low memory-beetle”, Technical publication of Iran, Ladder books, 2018
  • Child Story Collection “Confusing Instructions”, Technical publication of Iran, 2017
  • The Story of a “One Piece of Birthday Cake”, Scientific Cultural Edition, 2017
  • The teenage story “The Zoo on the Rails”, Scientific-cultural publication, 2015


Literary Awards,


  • Selected Third Prize of the Sepidar Literary Prize for the novel “The Detective Games of a low memory-beetle”, 2018
  • Awarded in the second period of the Sepidar Literary Prize for the “Confusing Instructions”, 2016
  • Awarded at the Blue Bird Festival for the novel “Fasten the Devil”, 2015


Media Activities:

  • Collaborating with the weekly newspaper of the “Koleposhti”, Special Notebook for the Citizen. (2014-2015)
  • Cooperation with the Children’s Special School Monthly “Gholack”. 2017)

Children’s world is widely known for Frode. He was just 4 years’ old that was used to look after her little brother as his parents had to work hard. Having helped his mom with her childcare center up to his junior high, helped him understand more about the world of children realizing how parents and teachers have to give children opportunity to play as they learn through playing, he noticed these times “his live entertainment”. Becoming a dad at an early age “19 years old” taught him Age is only as important as you make it. He must felt a lot of weight on his shoulders, becoming responsible for an infant at such a young age but how much patience he has had was the first lesson from his little baby born.

His inspiration for getting involved in literature and to think more about the world of children got a refresh by welcoming his little baby daughter to his life when he drafted military. Carry children’s book with him at almost all times of his life prepared him to believe that to carry peace in this world, we shall have to begin with our children. Beside his main occupation CNC programming for the last 13 years, he now has involved in the literature as an editor, translator and a writer for children. He considers himself as a part of the linguistically superior generation, meanwhile, his generation grew up with television and games that never was dubbed or translated, most of his classmates could almost speak English fluently before they started school at the age of 6 in his country Norway.

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