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Amin Soleimani is a Graphic Designer and university lecturer. He has worked in a number of areas ranging from Illustration through Painting and photography to public signage and the teaching the business of art. Becoming a university lecturer gives a great opportunity for students to understand “Art with Cultural Diversity”. His great passion is the publishing industry and has a stunning resume in it. His ethos was, “Human shunned people who looked “different” so you as an Artist cherish them the beauty of differences,” and this has been indicated in the broad range of his work.

Here are some of his selected activities:

International conference of Shiraz school / Islamic Republic of Iran’s Academy of Art /Painting Department /Autumn 2008

Subject title : Invistigation of non-symmetry in Shiraz School of Illumination and its effect on the embellishments and tiles of the Safavid period.
International conference of Qajar school /Islamic Republic of Iran’s Academy of Art/Manuscript section /2010
Subject title : Introduction to the two manuscripts of Tasrif & Al-Nezam ,review and analyze margins
International Conference on research in Science and Technology /Kualalumpur-Malaysia/2015
Reflection of architectural elements in Persian literature masterpieces and its influence on Iranian painting of Timurid and safavid periods
Conference on Iranian Islamic Art/ University of Guilan 2019/ ISC
The reflex of shiism’s thoughts in paintings of “Khavaran nameh” by “Ebn e Hesaam Khosfi”

Competitions & Exhibitions
International Eco-poster Triennial “The 4th block”/Ukraine /2015

Silver cypress Biennial / Iranian Graphic Design Association/2017/ Coming to the final of logo design
Group /individual Painting Exhibition /Sari/2016
Group Painting Exhibition /Tehran/Panjereh Art Gallery;2014
Group Painting Exhibition /Tehran/Negah Art Gallery;2015
Group Painting Exhibition /Mazandaran/Izadshahr/DiDi Art Gallery /2016
Group Painting Exhibition /Sari/Nuran Art Gallery /2016

Graphic Art Print and Illustrations
Printing in the book of the Iranian Graphic Design Association/2015

The Printed works in Student Graphic Books /Rasm Publications/2014
Design posre for weather93 Iranian Graphic Design Association /2015
Graphic design and Layout of over 150 book titles
Design posre for Experimental Concert University of Tehran /2010
Illostration for book(Delam tange tang ast). Fajr festival nomine/2019
The Printed works in Isfahan Illostration Books /2018
Illustration of over 15 children and teenagers

Occupational and professional activities
Official Member of Graphic Design Association of Iran/IGDS

Member of the Institute of Visual Arts Development of Iran
Member of the Iranian Art Credit
Art director of Mehr Publications
Art director of Cultural and Art Institute of Haft eghlim
Art director of Haft eghlim Literary Award
Art director of Haft eghlim Publications
Art Director of Ordibehesht Art School
Art director and Advertising khoshechin company/2017
Art director and Advertising haftrang Store/2018
Collaborating with A.F fashion Fall ccollectin 2018 / As a dress designer
Art Director and Graphic Designer of Art gallery sari
Art director of illustration book Isfahan /2017
Collaborating with Amir Kabir Publications/Child and adolescent sector (Shekofeh)/ As a Illustrator and Graphic designer
Collaborating with Soroush publications of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting / As a
graphic designer
Collaborating with Smayeh danesh publications / As a graphic designer

Collaborating with loopetoo publications / As a Illustrator and Graphic designer
Collaborating with Soreh mehr publications.Hozeh Honari / As a Graphic designer


Arabic Affiliate Marketing Management 

AMR is experienced with a demonstrated history of working in many fields and industries. Skilled in Procurement Negotiation, Business Planning, Project management, financial analysis, and Market Research. Strong communication skills with a Higher Diploma in Financial Analysis and Auditing from Alexandria University. His education is in the Higher Diploma in Financial Analysis and Audit and Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

The most recent Experience 

June 2017 to date          Procurement Consultant in Ministry of Transport & Comm., Qatar “Secondment” 

  • Super user for oracle ERP (Procurement Module), responsible for prepare ERP PRs, POs, Releases, Receipts and receiving 
  • Serve as the organization’s representative for the finance department on procurement issues and procedures. 
  • Work with multiple vendors to determine the best deals for the company, and have to evaluate the many pros and cons of each, based on price, quality, speed of delivery and other factors 
  • Working with suppliers to create the best deals.  
  • Liaises with key organization employees to determine their product and service needs
  • Review requisitions for completeness and accuracy; follow up on discrepancies with the initiating department; identify available suppliers for each requisitioned item 
  • Assure from the approval cycle on the PRs and POs  
  • Get the original invoices and prepare all documents required for the payment 
  • Coordinate with finance and budget for processing payments 
  • Prepare all required reports to the top management, regards to the purchases and the payments
  • Manage the procurement team, and be sure that they are working effectively and efficiently


Bachelor in Graphic Designer

Tehran Elm_o_ Farhang

Professional Summary

Pouyan Abdi Rad is a real artist who works as photographer, videographer, graphic designer, musician, and singer. From 2001, During his journey in arts, he achieved wining Javan festival and worked with Ghobadi in the movie Ando. Recently his works played through Radio Seda in Canada. Pouyan innovative award-winning Music Producer with extensive experience creating quality recordings for his own company and others. A master in production processes from client briefings, to studio set up, recordings and post-production. Dedicated to outstanding levels of client satisfaction. Passionate Producer with extensive expertise managing diverse production elements for high-profile, visually-stunning full frame (dslr) projects. An expert negotiator, deftly handling staff booking and management for smooth-running filming logistics. His passion pushed him to experience different area of arts. Because “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”



·        Reading music

  • Music teacher
  • Live music setups
  • Music production
  • Musical arrangements
  • Musical theory understanding
  • Musical score writing
  • Musical talent
  • Music editing
  • Music knowledge


  • Corporate branding
  • Digital design
  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Production standards


Work History

Music Producer & Composer, Voodoolily Haugesund, Norway 2020-Current

  • Mentored voodoolily advertising team to ensure optimum team productivity and positivity towards task.
  • Scheduled and managed entire recording processes, mixing and editing of voodoolily ad. team to tight deadlines.
  • Produced professional music recordings for CHAVOSH, GHOGHNOUS, GAAM, DASTSAAZ, maintaining exceptionally high levels of performer and client satisfaction.
  • Liaised with clients to understand detailed briefs, completing work to exact specifications maintaining exemplary satisfaction levels.
  • Remained composed and highly professional in fast-paced and constantly changing environment, effectively handling challenging situations and difficult individuals to achieve objectives.
  • Crafted plan for breaking news events and trained and prepared entire staff on how to handle such scenarios.
  • Booked guests for on-air interviews and assigned stories to reporters to manage coverage and schedule needs.
  • Found appropriate stories and ideas for programming to engage target audiences and hook advertisers.
  • Visited various locations for shoots and oversaw live field operations, typically supervising 20-person production teams.
  • Implemented new team onboarding program, reducing training time from 4 weeks to 2.
  • Grew client base through continued levels of outstanding service.
  • Monitored multiple databases to keep track of all company inventory.
  • Researched and updated all required materials needed for firm and partners.
  • Assisted various business groups with document organisation and dissemination during acquisitions.
  • Obtained documents, clearances, certificates and approvals from local, state and federal agencies.
  • Selected singer of the National Festival of Young Music in 1992.
  • Holding concerts in different cities of the country.
  • Teaching Iranian singing and singing in different schools
  • Holding Iran Student Music Festival (as one of the organizing members)
  • Collaboration with Voice of Canada Radio
  • Collaboration with Suitcase Podcast (Germany) as a composer
  • Recording various works in the field of Iranian music and composition
  • Research in the field of music and singing of different nations

Graphic Designer, Syavosh Publishing House

  • Built corporate brands by designing cohesive looks between elements such as logos and letterheads.
  • Leveraged media and graphic design expertise to develop engaging marketing and promotional materials, including flyers and adverts to generate new sales revenues and grow customer base.
  • Created and updated trend boards, investigated changing conditions and recommended strategic adoptions to capitalise on projected changes.
  • Consulted with clients to define design requirements and manage product development projects.
  • Employed design fundamentals when selecting typography, composition, layout and colour in design work.
  • Photography-Based Artist
  • Participated in the biennial of Iranian photography in 1990
  • Participation in Rasht Photography Festival (two selected photos)
  • Industrial Photography
  • Photography in the branch of Wedding
  • Performed advanced computer processing of images for assignments.
  • Selected and altered secondary photographic features such as backdrops and lighting.
  • Planned and prepared for all on-location and studio shoots.
  • Tracked inventory of all photo lab products and equipment.
  • Defined and recommended detailed solutions to capture images.
  • Handled cameras operating at several thousand frames per second.
  • Fabricated camera mounts and cases to capture images and protect equipment.
  • Consulted with supervisors to handle any unusual problems and alter existing equipment.

Filming and Film making

  • Monitored multiple databases to keep track of all company inventory.
  • Performed initial client assessment and analysis to begin research process.
  • Created, developed and delivered first class with full frame (dslr) cameras filming projects in line with detailed briefs to tight deadlines.
  • Managed the smooth operation of (adobe premiere pro).
  • Analysed departmental documents for appropriate distribution and filing.
  • Created boardroom and courtroom multimedia presentations including video and text- sync’d depositions for enhanced understanding.

FLOTMYRGATA 183, 5525 Haugesund, Norway

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed


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