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Vår store kirsebær-gran

Vår store kirsebær-gran


© Voodoolily Mehravipour 2019

Tittel: Vår store kirsebær-gran

Skrevet av zohreh Mehravipour og Frode Hansen

Illustrert av Maryam Tahmasebi

Oversatt av Frode Hansen

Grafisk Designer og Leder for Idé og Visuell Utforming: Amin Soleimani Najafabadi

Prosjektleder: Zohreh Mehravipour

Utgave: Første utgave

Innbinding: hardt omslag. Format: 17×23

ISBN: 978-82-93764-03-8



Social Co-operation means working together for a common goal. The objective of it is the general benefit of the community, the social integration of citizens and more important the sense of belonging. Society member needs to feel belonging that increase the chance of integration and cohesion. This story states that integration does not mean losing your own identity but it means cooperating to perform better in society.

There are 2 main types:

1.Direct Co-operation: As the word says when individuals perform similar tasks.

  1. Indirect Co-operation: There are dis-similar activities, but all leading to a common goal in the end.

Furthermore, there are three important level consist of

  1. Primary: dealing with family relationships or friends
  2. Secondary: dealing with government or institutions
  3. Globally: Co-operation with Nations

The story simply states the beneficiary of social cooperation on his children’s poem showing how two trees cooperate and provide health and support and above all become stronger tree called the chirisi tree.

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