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Mini muffe sitt Eventyr

Mini-muffe sitt Eventyr


© Voodoolily Mehravipour 2019

Tittel: Mini-muffe sitt Eventyr 

Skrevet av Zahra Shahi

Illustrert av Ghazaleh Bigdelou 

Oversatt av Frode Hansen 

Lest av Rikke Hansen Wedø

Grafisk Designer og Leder for Idé og Visuell Utforming: Amin Soleimani Najafabadi 

Prosjektleder: Zohreh Mehravipour 

Utgave: Første utgave 

Innbinding: hardt omslag. Format: 17×23 

ISBN: 978-82-93764-02-1




Love and Belonging is a social need and is defined as interpersonal and involve feelings of belongingness, love, and affection. Sense of love and belonging amazingly get strong in childhood. Children’s social and family background, the one who belongs in families of low Self-Esteem, and to have single, divorced or remarried parents or to belong to an ethnic minority are more likely at educational risk that is those whose academic achievement is considered inadequate and below school standards that may leave school before completing their education. Maslow (1970) was among the first to identify the importance of belonging in his hierarchy of needs, mentioned it more important that sense of safety and security. Children stories can be a solution in case of increasing the availability of vocational subject’s sense of belonging, self-esteem, and motivation and so make parents and schools more relevant to students’ future goals. Mini-muffin’s Adventures is trying to create a caring community where all children feel accepted, respected and valued.



Sense of belonging and love is the pre- steps for Esteem. Moreover, self-esteem has significant roles in the Acculturation processing and the acculturation-mental health link. Acculturation is described as positive way to the child developmental process towards gaining competence within more than one sociocultural setting. Perceived discrimination which just comes from low esteem is included as risk factors in this process. More importantly, self-esteem is also identified as a mediator of an identity crisis. Which is known another risk factor for acculturation. Mini-muffin’s Adventures is a story of three characters, Ben-the-beard, Pippi-the-pocket and Mini-muffin who trying to understand sense of belonging and love with an adventure they all take together.

The book is Inspired by: Dr. David Lackland Sam and colleagues at: The effect of acculturation and social support on change in mental health among young immigrants.

Writer: First author Zahra, Second author Frode

Translator: Frode Hansen in Norwegian

Illustrator: Ghazaleh

Title of the Book: Mini-muffin’s Adventures


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