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Kjærlighet vokser når man deler

Kjærlighet vokser når man deler


© Voodoolily Mehravipour 2019

Skrevet av Fatemeh Amiratashani

Illustrert av Ghazaleh Bigdelou

Oversatt av Frode Hansen

Direktør for idé og visuell utforming: Shima Zarei

Grafisk Designer og Leder for Idé og Visuell Utforming: Amin Soleimani Najafabadi

Prosjektleder: Zohreh Mehravipour

Utgave: Første utgave

Innbinding: hardt omslag. Format: 17×23

ISBN: 978-82-93764-00-7




There is a quote from Mother Teresa saying, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” And, this is sharing and caring which grows the sense of belonging love and peace. Sharing creates a sense of belonging leads to form a sense of love together that decrease everybody’s risk for feelings of loneliness. And, more importantly, loneliness mainly focused on confirmation of discrimination perception. Loneliness is the most common psychological problem that research show children are more likely at risks. Moreover, loneliness can lead to other psychological problems such as depression. Children under this condition have no sense of belongingness and have low self-respect. Above all, loneliness has been the most serious of all the psychological problems experienced by the children of migrant.



Dr. David S. Lackland and colleagues in one of their comparative studies explained that perceived discrimination is twofold, first creates negative attitudes towards the majority and then attempts to confront injustice and publicly defend the rights of a minority group. Moreover, there is a link between “Perceived discrimination” and “In-group love / out-group hate” leading demobilize immigrants from taking a more active position to improve their social standing. More specifically, the immigrant citizens with a weak national identity and less trust of the majority group are caused by the perceived discrimination. More surprisingly, we can change our perception. But it is more desirable to be practiced at an early age.


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